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About Me

I'm Sarah and I'm a senior in high school.

I never used to like Josh's music, but my mom listened to him pretty much all the time and it really grew on me. =]
I've been a fan for almost two years, and I was lucky enough to see and meet him August 8, 2007.

I love meeting new people, so feel free to message me!
I have AIM and myspace, so if you want either, just ask. =]

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    Sorry that it has taken me forever to reply! lol
    I knew what you meant...but, atleast schools out now! :]
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    Reply from sarahsitus23:

    Ohh I know!
    It's about time, huh?

    but now I'm busy with work and everything, and everyyyone wants to hang out now that we actually have time.
    how has your summer been so far?